B. Jackson Caesar, Tenor
Vocal Performer/Entertainer

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Benjamin Jackson Caesar, bka Jackson, is one of Washington, DC's prominent male vocalists.  Caesar has wowed audiences with his talent and skills, performing in five genres and attracting crowds of various ethnic backgrounds.  Caesar is well on his way to becoming an international star!


"Jackson Caesar is one of the most inspiring vocalist I've ever had the pleasure to work with..."- Willie Jolley, Award winning motivational speaker, singer and author.

"Music to touch, move and inspire."- B. Jackson Caesar


Observance and Awareness

Jazz Month* Pet Month* Poetry Month* STD Awareness* Arab American History Month* Alcohol Awareness Month* Earth Day* Genocide & Human Rights Awareness* Autism Awareness* Taxes (15th) * Palm Sunday* Good Friday* Easter* Holocaust Remembrance.
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APRIL Events and Performances

Sunday, April 6th 9:00am & 11:00am
Sunday service solo
1st Presbyterian Church
Winchester, VA

Sunday, April 6th 5:00pm
Graduate Concert/Recital
Spirituals- Celebrating the Life, Music, and Legacy of Roland Hayes
Armstrong Concert Hall
Winchester, VA

Sunday, April 20th 7:30am 
Sunday service
1st Presbyterian Church
Winchester, VA

Friday, April 18th 2:30pm & 3:30pm (2 sets)
Good Friday Concert
Solana Olney

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Events, changes, and updates

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